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Intraorganizational Influence Tactics: Explorations in Getting One's Way
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 65(4)
Author(s): David Kipnis, Stuart M. Schmidt, Ian Wilkinson

Abstract: In Study 1, 165 lower-level managers wrote essays describing an incident in which they influenced either their bosses, co-workers, or subordinates. Th...

Effects of Sex and Personality on Perceptions of Emergent Leadership, Influence, and Social Power
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 65(2)
Author(s): Robert G. Lord, James S. Phillips, Michael C. Rush

Abstract: The contributions of rater sex and personality to perceptions of emergent leadership, influence, and social power were investigated in 96 undergraduat...

Machiavellianism and Leadership
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 65(1)
Author(s): Amos Drory, Uri M. Gluskinos

Abstract: Studied the relevance of Machiavellianism as a personality style for leadership in the context of experimental task groups; Ss were 84 male undergradu...

Social Hierarchy: The Self-Reinforcing Nature of Power and Status
Author(s): Joe Magee, Adam Galinsky

Abstract: Hierarchy is such a defining and pervasive feature of organizations that its forms and basic functions are often taken for granted in organizational r...

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