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Determinants of Management Styles in Business and Nonbusiness Organizations
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 69(3)
Author(s): Gideon Chitayat, Itzhak Venezia

Abstract: B. M. Bass and E. R. Valenzi (1974) postulated that power and information are major factors in determining the extent to which 5 leadership styles are...

The Power Motive and Managerial Success in a Professionally Oriented Service Industry Organization
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 69(1)
Author(s): Edwin T. Cornelius, Frank B. Lane

Abstract: Examined the validity of D. C. McClelland and D. Burnham's (1967) leadership motive pattern (LMP) for 2 levels of management personnel in a profession...

Trade Versus Expropriation in Open Groups: A Comparison of Two Types of Social Power
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 44(5)
Author(s): Chester A Insko, et al

Abstract: Used a cross-generational procedure to compare power relationships described by E. R. Service (1975) and R. L. Carneiro (1970) in their theories of so...

Sex and Ehnic Differences in the Use of Power
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 67(4)
Author(s): Beverly Ayers-Nachamkin, Carlton H. Cann, Rosemary Reed, Arlene Horne

Abstract: Hypothesized that women and Chicanos would make less internal and more external attributions for their own successful performance than would Anglo mal...

The Power Motive as an Influence on Group Decision Making
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 42(1)
Author(s): Eugene M. Fodor, Terry Smith

Abstract: 40 groups of 5 undergraduates came together to discuss a business study case; each group member had a different role and a role sheet specifying items...

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