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Different views of hierarchy and why they matter: Hierarchy as inequality or as cascading influence
Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 59
Author(s): J. Stuart Bunderson, Gerben S. Van der Vegt, Yelez Cantimur, Floor Rink

Abstract: Hierarchy is a reality of group life, for humans and for most other group-living species. However, there remains considerable debate about whether and...

Proinflammatory primates
Science, Vol. 354 (6315)
Author(s): Robert M. Sapolsky

Abstract: If you have the choice, do not be a low-ranking, female rhesus monkey. As with many primates, rhesus social groups feature stable, linear dominance hi...

Social inferences from group size
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Advanced Online, November 30, 2016
Author(s): Jack Cao, Mahzarin R. Banaji

Abstract: Does the mere size of a social group influence how it is perceived? Study 1 showed that on self-report measures, smaller and larger groups are rated t...

Are male tokens bad for females? The effect of social dominance orientation on high-status tokens' evaluations of low-status members
Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 45(2)
Author(s): Aneika L. Simmons, Marla Baskerville Watkins , Elizabeth E. Umphress

Abstract: Prior research has not given much attention to understanding how those in the numeric minority (i.e., tokens) with high social status (e.g., males) re...

You can win but I can't lose: Bias against high-status groups increases their zero-sum beliefs about discrimination
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 57
Author(s): Clara L. Wilkins, Joseph D. Wellman, Laura G. Babbitt, Negin R. Toosi, Katherine D. Schad,

Abstract: What leads people to espouse zero-sum beliefs (ZSBs) the perspective that gains for one social group come at the cost of another group and what ar...

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