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Manifest and Latent Influence of Majorities and Minorities
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 48(4)
Author(s): Sharon Wolf

Abstract: Compared group cohesiveness and behavioral style as mediators of majority and minority influence and tested the hypothesis that whereas majorities pro...

Hidden Impact of Minorities: Fifteen Years of Minority Influence Research
Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 95(3)
Author(s): Anne Maass, Russell D. Clark

Abstract: Evaluates minority influence literature since the original formulation of the theory by S. Moscovici (1969). Empirical or design problems include the ...

The Social Impact of Majorities and Minorities
Psychological Review, Vol. 88(5)
Author(s): Bibb Latané, Sharon Wolf

Abstract: Reviews 2 traditional lines of research on social influence processes--research on conformity, which looks at the influence of the majority on a passi...

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