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Diversified Mentoring Relationships in Organizations: A Power Perspective
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 22(2)
Author(s): Belle Rose Ragins

Abstract: A power perspective is used to examine the linkage between diversity and mentorship in work organizations. Sociological perspectives on power and mino...

Stability, Bistability, and Instability in Small Group Influence Patterns
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 72(1)
Author(s): Holly Arrow

Abstract: Three models of change and continuity in group structure were tested using existing longitudinal data on 20 small groups. Groups met face-to-face or v...

Emotional Reactions and Status in Groups
American Sociological Review, Vol. 61(5)
Author(s): Michael J Lovaglia, Jeffrey A. Houser

Abstract: Lovaglia and Houser propose that emotional reactions compatible with status characteristics reduce status differences among group members, while incom...

Minority Influence: A Meta-Analytic Review of Social Influence Processes
Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 115(3)
Author(s): Wendy Wood, Sharon Lundgren, Judith A. Ouellette, Shelly Busceme, Tamela Blackstone

Abstract: A meta-analytic review of 97 minority influence experiments evaluated the processes by which sources advocating deviant, minority opinions exert influ...

Differential Contributions of Majority and Minority Influence
Psychological Review, Vol. 93(1)
Author(s): Charlan J. Nemeth

Abstract: Contends that in most studies comparing majority and minority influence, there is an emphasis on influence in the sense of prevailing. Within this con...

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