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The Interactive Effects of Social Dominance Orientation, Group Status, and Perceived Stability on Favoritism for High-Status Groups
Group Processes Intergroup Relations, Vol. 2(2)
Author(s): Christopher M. Federico

Abstract: Two studies examined the interactive effects of social dominance orientation (SDO), group status, and perceived stability on various manifestations of...

The Self-Esteem Motive in Social Influence: Agreement with Valued Majorities and Disagreement with Derogated Minorities
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 75(4)
Author(s): Gregory J. Pool, Wendy Wood, Kira Leck

Abstract: This research provides evidence for the role of self esteem in social influence of position taken by self-relevant majority or minority social groups,...

How do Individuals Expect to be Viewed by Members of Lower Status Groups? Content and Implications of Meta-Stereotypes
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 75(4)
Author(s): Jacquie D. Vorauer, Kelley J. Main, Gordon B. O'Connell

Abstract: Three studies demonstrated that meta-stereotypes held by members of dominant groups about how their group is viewed by a lower status group have impor...

The Leniency Contract and Persistence of Majority and Minority Influence
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 74(6)
Author(s): William D. Crano, Xin Chen

Abstract: The leniency contract (E. M. Alvaro & W. D. Crano, 1997) explicates a maxim of social influence: Majorities induce public, temporary change, whereas m...

Power and Influence: A Theoretical Bridge
Social Forces, Vol. 76(2)
Author(s): David Willer, Michael J. Lovaglia, Barry Markovsky

Abstract: Frequently social theorists conflate power and influence, often subsuming influence under a broad conception of power. Two contemporary theories separ...

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