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Procedural Justice and Social Regulation Across Group Boundaries: Does Subgroup Identity Undermine Relationship-Based Governance?
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 29(3)
Author(s): Yuen J. Huo

Abstract: The relational model of authority suggests that people are inclined to accept the decisions of ethnic outgroup authorities when they identify with a s...

Who Attains Social Status? Effects of Personality and Physical Attractiveness in Social Groups
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 81(1), pg. 116-132
Author(s): Cameron Anderson, Oliver P. John, Dacher Keltner, Ann M. Kring

Abstract: One of the most important goals and outcomes of social life is to attain status in the groups to which we belong. Such face-to-face status is defined ...

Effect of number of majority defectors on minority influence
Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, Vol 3(4)
Author(s): Russell D. Clark III

Abstract: Two experiments using the Twelve Angry Men (R. Rose, 1954) paradigm were conducted to investigate the effect of the number of majority defectors on th...

Effects of Source Expertise and Physical Distance on Minority Influence.
Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, Vol. 3(1)
Author(s): Jason W. Hart, Mark F. Stasson, Steven J. Karau

Abstract: The treatment of source strength and immediacy distinguishes social impact theory from other theories of social influence. The present study examined ...

How Variations in Social Structure Affect Different Types of Intergroup Bias and Different Dimensions of Social Identity in a Multi-Intergroup Setting
Group Processes Intergroup Relations, Vol. 2
Author(s): Jay W. Jackson

Abstract: An experimental paradigm was used to examine how manipulations of group status (higher, equal, or lower) and group size (smaller, equal, or larger) af...

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