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How Newcomers Influence Group Utilization of Their Knowledge: Integrating Versus Differentiating Strategies
Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, Vol. 19(2)
Author(s): Aimee A. Kane, Floor Rink

Abstract: The present research contributes to the literature on group learning and group socialization by examining whether newcomers can actively influence the...

Intergroup emulation: An improvement strategy for lower status groups
Group Processes Intergroup Relations, Vol. 18 (2)
Author(s): Diana Onu, Joanne R. Smith, Thomas Kessler

Abstract: The social psychological literature on social change has focused on how groups overcome oppression and inequality. In this paper, we investigate an al...

Low status groups show in-group favoritism to compensate for their low status and compete for higher status
Group Processes Intergroup Relations, Vol. 17(5)
Author(s): Mark Rubin, Constantina Badea, Jolanda Jetten

Abstract: The present research investigated the intergroup allocation behavior of members of low-status groups. In two studies where status relations were eithe...

The impact of superordinate identification on the justification of intergroup inequalities
European Journal of Social Psychology, Vol. 43(4)
Author(s): Katarzyna Jasko, Małgorzata Kossowska

Abstract: Previous research on superordinate identification demonstrated the positive effects of such identification on intergroup relations. Our study investig...

The Downfall of Extraverts and Rise of Neurotics: the Dynamic Process of Status Allocation in Task Groups
Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 56(2)
Author(s): Corinne Bendersky, Neha Parikh Shah

Abstract: We advance previous research that has associated extraversion with high status and neuroticism with low status in newly formed task groups by examinin...

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