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The Social Endocrinology of Dominance: Basal Testosterone Predicts Cortisol Changes and Behavior Following Victory and Defeat
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 94(6)
Author(s): Pranjal H. Mehta, Amanda C. Jones, Robert A. Josephs

Abstract: Past research suggests that individuals high in basal testosterone are motivated to gain high status. The present research extends previous work by ex...

When and How Do High Status Group Members Offer Help: Effects of Social Dominance Orientation and Status Threat
Political Psychology, Vol. 29(6)
Author(s): Samer Halabi, John F. Dovidio, Arie Nadler

Abstract: The present study explored the implications of an intergroup perspective on individual difference and situational influences on helping, specifically,...

An Unconscious Desire for Hierarchy? The Motivated Perception of Dominance Complementarity in Task Partners
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 93(3), pg. 402-414
Author(s): Larissa Z Tiedens, Miguel M Unzueta, Maia J. Young

Abstract: In 6 studies, the authors examined the perception of dominance complementarity, which is the perception of a target as different from the self in term...

When Birds of a Feather Flock Together and When They Do Not: Status Composition, Social Dominance Orientation, and Organizational Attractiveness
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol 92(2), pg. 396-409
Author(s): Elizabeth E. Umphress, Kristin Smith-Crowe, Arthur P. Brief, Joerg Dietz, Marla Baskerville Watkins

Abstract: Although similarity-attraction notions suggest that similarity--for example, in terms of values, personality, and demography--attracts, the authors fo...

Authoritarian Dynamics and Unethical Decision Making: High Social Dominance Orientation Leaders and High Right-Wing Authoritarianism Followers
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 92(1), pg. 67-81
Author(s): Leanne S. Son Hing, D. Ramona Bobocel, Mark P. Zanna, Maxine V. McBride

Abstract: When dilemmas require trade-offs between profits and ethics, do leaders high in social dominance orientation (SDO) and followers high in right-wing au...

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