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Intergroup Consensus/Disagreement in Support of Group-Based Hierarchy: An Examination of Socio-Structural and Psycho-Cultural Factors.
Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 137(6)
Author(s): I-Ching Lee, Felicia Pratto, Blair T. Johnson

Abstract: A meta-analysis examined the extent to which socio-structural and psycho-cultural characteristics of societies correspond with how much gender and eth...

The Ideological Legitimation of the Status Quo: Longitudinal Tests of a Social Dominance Model
Political Psychology, Vol. 31(1)
Author(s): Chris G. Sibley, John Duckitt

Abstract: Four studies examined whether members of the dominant group (New Zealand Europeans) who were high in Social Dominance Orientation (SDO) employed ideol...

Status in Management and Organization - Chapter 1
Status in Management and Organization, Cambridge University Press
Author(s): Jone Pearce

Abstract: This edited book has two purposes. First, gather together those doing the leading work in the diverse fields that address management and organizations...

How Embodied Cognitions Affect Judgments: Height-related Attribution Bias in Football Foul Calls
Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology
Author(s): Niels van Quaquebeke, Steffen R. Giessner

Abstract: Many fouls committed in football (called soccer in some countries) are ambiguous, and there is no objective way of determining who is the “true” perpe...

Decision Making and Testosterone: When the Ends Justify the Means
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 46(4)
Author(s): Dana R. Carney, Malia F. Mason

Abstract: Behavioral endocrinology research suggests that testosterone may play a role in moral decision making. Studies involving human and nonhuman animals in...

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