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Secondary Transfer Effects of Intergroup Contact: A Cross-National Comparison in Europe
Social Psychology Quarterly, Vol. 75(1)
Author(s): Katharina Schmid, Miles Hewstone, Beate Küpper, Andreas Zick, Ulrich Wagner

Abstract: This article examines so-called secondary transfer effects of intergroup contact, a phenomenon whereby positive intergroup contact experiences can inf...

The Path to Glory Is Paved With Hierarchy : When Hierarchical Differentiation Increases Group Effectiveness
Psychological Science, Vol. 23(6)
Author(s): Richard Ronay, Katharine Greenaway, Eric Anicich, Adam Galinsky

Abstract: Two experiments examined the psychological and biological antecedents of hierarchical differentiation and the resultingrnconsequences for productivity...

Seeing Wrath From the Top (Through Stratified Lenses): Perceivers High in Social Dominance Orientation Show Superior Anger Identification for High-Status Individuals
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 48(6)
Author(s): Nathaniel J. Ratcliff, Michael J. Bernstein, Jessica L. Cundiff, Theresa K. Vescio

Abstract: In this research, we test the hypothesis that social status will be an orienting cue to the identification of facial expressions of emotion, particula...

Cultural and Institutional Determinants of Social Dominance Orientation: A Cross-Cultural Meta-Analysis of 27 Societies
Political Psychology, Advance Online Publication (May 30, 2012)
Author(s): Ronald Fischer, Katja Hanke, Chris G. Sibley

Abstract: We investigate macrocontextual antecedents of national levels of Social Dominance Orientation (SDO). The majority of previous research, in contrast, h...

Social Dominance Orientation and John Henryism at the Intersection of Race and Class
Political Psychology, Advance Online Publication (June 18, 2012)
Author(s): Melissa R. Sanders, Ramaswami Mahalingam

Abstract: Three studies were conducted to explore the relationship between social dominance orientation (SDO) and John Henryism (JH). Each study was framed usin...

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