PSI 2010 Conference PDF

PSI will be hosting its second conference in March, 2010. Details will soon follow about the conference location, date, and registration.

The conference brought together scholars who are interested in the study of power, status, and influence. The primary aim was to foster learning and interaction among researchers in different scientific fields. Although scholars in psychology, sociology, organizational behavior, and other disciplines often focus on similar topics, they rarely get the opportunity to interact, share their work, and discuss common research interests. We hope this conference has served as an initial step toward fostering this communication.

The conference featured a terrific schedule of speakers who represent different disciplines, but have a mutual interest in issues of power, status, and influence:

Susan Fiske, Psychology, Princeton University
Linda Molm, Sociology, University of Arizona
Jeff Pfeffer, Organizational Behavior, Stanford University
Adam Galinsky, Organizational Behavior, Northwestern University
Cecilia Ridgeway, Sociology, Stanford University
Robert Cialdini, Psychology, Arizona State University
Robert Sapolsky, Biology, Stanford University

We intend to host the conference on a biannual basis in the future.

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PSI will be hosting its third conference in May 2012 at the Northwestern University, Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Further details can be found on the Conference page.