Twisha Anand's Profile Page

Name:Twisha Anand
University (or institution):Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Department:Organizational Behavior
Further Details About Your Research:Currently working on the doctoral dissertation which aims to explore the factors that encourage or discourage the help seeking behavior of software professionals at workplace. This cross-cultural study compares the Indian and American work contexts using qualitative data collected from Indian and American software professionals. The study also looks into the power dynamics between the vendor employees stationed on-site at the client workplace and those employed with the client organization itself. The long term aim of this exploration is to enable organizations to deal with factors that may prevent the manifestation of need to seek help into actual help seeking behavior. Other areas of research interest - cross-culture studies, innovation and change, team diversity, gender issues, work-life balance, workplace issues in the software sector. Worked on subjects like - gender and negotiations, norms in innovative organizations, emotional labour among academicians, presenteeism in software industry, telework and stress. Worked on an organizational development project with the State Bank of India, IIMA branch. Keenly worked on inter-area, contemporary and experimental subjects like - viewing contemporary dancers as innovators, and linking sartorial designs with human personality traits.